Alternate Futures

What will it feel like to live in a post-climate-crisis world?

Everyone knows what it will feel like if we fail, but what will it feel like if we succeed?
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Stories are powerful. They influence the future by capturing our imaginations.

Alternate Futures aims to capture the world’s collective imagination with a new story about how we ended the climate crisis. It’s the antidote to our helpless, post-apocalytic dread.
The planet is resilient, temperatures level off and begin cooling by 2050. Our grandchildren thrive. The world has food security, wealth, and health.
We work with diverse, intersectional perspectives from climate scientists, futurists, designers, smart people, creative people, academics, artists, and you to find out two things:
  1. What is the future you want
  2. What is possible
This collective vision of a possible future will become an immersive experience in museums, warehouses, and galleries.

Join us

Alternate Futures Podcast launches this summer.
The inaugural Alternate Futures immersive experience launches in 2023.

Find out when
the Alternate Future experience launches in your city.

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Build an alternate future

Join our founding team and guest panelists in March for Visioning Alternate Climate Futures at SXSW
Jared Krause
Co-Founder, Alternate Futures
Jared is a lifelong storyteller and climate activist. He uses his talent for mission-driven performance marketing to advance products and initiatives that make a significant, positive climate impact. He is also a serial entrepreneur in the tech space with a long wake of titles, including founder, product lead, and design lead.
Fawn Douglas
Nuwu Arts
Fawn is an Indigenous American artivist and enrolled member of the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe. She also has roots in the Moapa Paiute, Southern Cheyenne, Creek, and Pawnee tribes. Fawn is the head matriarch of Nuwu Art + Activism Studios, located in the heart of the Historic Huntridge Neighborhood in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is dedicated to the intersections of art, activism, community, education, culture, identity, place, and sovereignty.
Ben Nicholson
World Building institute
Ben has worked closely with Alex McDowell, the Founder of the World Building Institue for many years teaching the practice of world-building. He’s also a writer, musician, performer, and pedagogue pursuing a Ph.D. in USC's Media Arts + Practice program. He focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration and designing future worlds in which to tell stories.
Mary Heglar
Hot Take podcast
In addition to her work on Hot Take, Mary is an accomplished climate justice essayist whose work has been integral to getting the climate movement to understand climate change as a justice issue that intersects with every other justice issue. She has been the Director for Publications for the NRDC and is the inaugural writer in residence at Columbia's Earth Institute. As one of the few Black women to become a public figure in the climate space, Mary is clear that she's more interested in being Black people's climate friend than the climate movement's Black friend. Mary also coined the term "greentrolling" and is known for cyberbullying fossil fuel companies on Twitter.


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